I don’t care for most of this stuff, it’s infantile and crude, but do we toss the First Amendment over something that simple? Seems we’re selling our freedoms out pretty cheaply if we do. Erik’s comment could have been severely misinterpreted if he didn’t add the parenthetical modifier. Buttman batman shirt.  I’m still pretty outraged about Donald Duck’s bare bottom. From my little understanding of avian taxonomy, he is anatomically correct! You can not legislate morality or your own beliefs about obscenity on anyone and be successful. Just throw them all in jail and watch an underground market make millions.

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What better way for politicians to demonstrate their high moral values, than to take a tough stand on obscenity. This is low hanging fruit; pretty hard to resist. Lots of people fall for it. I really don’t think obscenity has anything to do with the first amendment and Buttman batman shirt with free speech at all. That’s not what the Founding Fathers intended, I’m certain!  I’ve had trouble with using the first amendment myself for awhile. I think maybe the ninth amendment might be a better approach, not just for obscenity, but for other vices as well.

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