On point there was never anything wrong with fox fur coats foxes are imported vermin bring back tanning and I just really like Foxes OK shirt  use the skins for purpose let farmers make money of shooting them there are good pelts out there. Will clear out a chook pen in one night too…and do the same every other night to all the other chook pens in the same street In our district fox baiting works very well because everyone does it.In cropping districts not so well because not everyone has sheep and are not interested in baiting. They need a dingo trapper as well up north but the State Government cut the funding off so there is a chance that they will head south and destroy livestock. The most despicable aspect of this is that very few of the birds they breed to shoot are used as food, either for animals or people.

I just really like Foxes OK shirt

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I just really like Foxes OK shirt


Cruel cycle of shooting fox to keep the bird population safe, so birds can be shot for fun and sport by arrogant mankind…this is bloody sick and a nonsense! Doesn’t matter what standing or how much money they have these people have black hearts and are less than human. These are I just really like Foxes OK shirt  . Kai is the one on the left. He’s a fox terrier mix and very old, blind and deaf. And Morris is on the right. He’s a staffy mix I would rather see the fur on an animal were it belongs, than a stupid stuck up bitch that thinks she has the right to wear it. Leave it on the animals were it belongs.

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