Is this Auntie bear shirt when Clinton stepped out on his wife? Are you overlooking the whole picture of Trump and his unending lies? Doesn’t it bother you that he won’t release his taxes? What else is he hiding and lying about?
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What remained are saying is completely ridiculous unless they don’t want to support Britain after Brexit. I came here to read all the Auntie bear shirt scaremongering Steve Frangou All those stuck lorries means someone’s going to make money selling them drinks and food and beds for the night.

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How does the Auntie bear shirt go money money money , its a rich mans world , and of course they rely on english contributions for their pensions , so when we leave who will fill the pension pot , maybe Greece , ha haMichael Smith take your head out of the sand. If your having trouble I shall arrange for the biggest 360 in the UK to dig it out.