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I went to a Christian University and just for the record, nobody made me attend chapel and nobody made me profess my beliefs. Incidentally, I have no idea why anyone would attend a Christian college if they were so opposed to going to chapel, but no, nobody makes you do any of that. As for Christian high schools being choice schools and therefore publicly funded, Groot hug heart LGBT shirt is a shame that some of those choosing to attend these schools don’t understand that the miracle of this great education isn’t simply awesome teachers, it is the fact that the majority of kids attending have been raised in the Christian faith and raised to respect authority figures. Teachers, therefore, do not have to waste precious time reprimanding student after student for not following school policies. Teachers and staff don’t have to call parents and remind them that their child has missed 40 days of school and remind them that it is difficult to educate a child who isn’t there on time. This sounds like it fails at first blush. First, Similar laws in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan were found to be unconstitutional prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling that Same-sex marriages were constitutional. In here, all the state’s claims as to the effect on children by same-sex couples were refuted, leaving no credible public interest argument for such laws