This year Keanu was also supposed to start working on the third Jeff Spicoli colt 45 shirt of John Wick but because of Chad Stahelski’s and David Leitch’s other projects, the filming was postponed for 2018.

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Everybody’s happy!Sandcastles and stuff I get but Stone stacking is not only therapeutic but it beautifies the Jeff Spicoli colt 45 shirt Area and in a way keeps paths clean. For any animal that would want to use these Stones it’s also ready for them to take. And I would like to know how it is ruining the environment?Instead of piling rocks, collect plastic, build a pile of it as large as you can and then recycle it.

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I think we should ban other stuff more damaging to the Jeff Spicoli colt 45 Donkey shirt than a silly trend of stacking rocks in a national park.It doesn’t seem to say anywhere in this article what the specific damage to the environment actually is?!Someone should go back 5000 years an tell the Neolithic and Bronze Age people not to build stone circles and cairns then’Ah yes, please make thinking thoughts illegal as well!