Also, global warming is a misnomer, it is just a part of climate change, there are also more extreme weather patterns, more tornados, wildfires, storms 2003 heatwaves were all due to a particular configuration of the L’ aveugle par amour shirt raising the solar wind temperature and pressure.
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I guess the L’ aveugle par amour shirts are finding it hard to face the reality of what Brexit really means and what the consequences will be if it takes place. They voted two years ago without a clue what the alternative would be with no leadership in place and if you are that scared shitless don’t you sod off now while you can. And then get all outraged when we can’t catch the terrorists or paedophiles because we’re no longer getting intelligence from Europe.

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Peter Riseborough, I did not say all in the L’ aveugle par amour shirt has these thoughts however it is pretty evident that others have the same thought.