Any woman, especially those who get their unexpectedly, should be able to tell you that all they need is toilet paper already provided for free to get you through your period. How do you think they managed before the Not today clucker shirt of sanitary napkins and tampons?
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Something to aspire to in your latter years If they managed to get in they could have at least been chaperoned and kept safe and let them stay ! Their last years should be fun ! Also,everyone just stop over analysing every bloody thing my little sis n I will be rocking it out somewhere in our bleedin care homes as well as escaping out the Not today clucker shirt to go to gigs in iur old age.

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Yep! Lets keep Rocking! Why not! I love to see old and young mixing at some point together, and it is amazing to see the Not today clucker shirt of time and care young people have for the elderly, I find being out and about with my grandchildren keeps me young and happy and they are delighted to be in my company, we learn from each other.