Tf this kanye dick rider obsess with wanna-be roshe and treats kanye like yeezy is his religion. brrrp or Adidas Scuba Diving shirt? Yeezy/adidas colab They dropped today and I don’t see why the big hype? As you all probably know, I never post watermarked images however this is an exception. I have searched high and low for a version of this with no watermark – never to find it. Here’s What I Know: The photo is obvi Jordan playing against Ewing. From what I can tell from the photo its circa ‘84/’85. The KMOV on the windows and the banner is a radio station in St. Louis, which would make me think this was a summer league of sorts. Ewing’s Adidas gear and Knicks colorways lead me to believe its post 1985 draft but what about MJ’s Tarheel colorway 1’s?

Adidas Scuba Diving shirt

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Adidas Scuba Diving shirt


I need the answers, Sway. So… if anyone knows the story behind this, please reblog/share – someone out there has to know the Adidas Scuba Diving shirt of this image. With your help maybe we can crowd-source the answer and all find out the story together.The image is too dope not to be captured with some context, agreed? Now…thats what i call a hero! Not a team of footballers who are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds! hat’s the mark of a truly remarkable person.. humility and that too after pulling off an extremely difficult rescue operation like this one.. not taking the credit himself, acknowledging the team effort, not seeking any media attention whatsoever, great to see someone so humble.

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