The stigma of depression needs to change. Talking about seeing a physiatrist should be just as easy as saying ‘I’m going to the dentist for a cleaning’ or “I’m going to get the flu vaccine. Or whatever. Talking about mental health needs to become the norm. Kimberly McClellan Woods and the Best Poppop Ever Happy Father’s Day Funny Poppop Tee Shirts need to spend money as the Socialist countries do. Socialist NOT Communists in case you think they are the same. But you just contradicted yourself. 50.6% were using guns so if you remove the guns which makes it easier then that 50.6% is gone and we’re left with more failed attempts. Marie Meyers, did you read the article, of those attempting suicide once never try again, but suicide by gun is effective. Marie Meyers, Why don’t you just Google what the problem is. Because you’ll find its gun laws that are a big part of the problem.

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That’s why no other country has this problem. All countries have mental health problems, but only the United States has this huge monstrous gun epidemic. And the people he keeps claiming that it’s just a mental health issue don’t do anything to help it. Of people might be super determined, but the other 90% are not super det.

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