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Rather than yet more rules and regulations in an area rapidly submerging already under such things, let’s leave it up to the parents and children, shall we? More fool the parents who buy into trying to outdo each other. My kids choose a small gift for their teachers to say thank you which is paid for out of their own pocket money. Saying that it is also the end of the Chicago Bears Nfc North Division Champions 2018 shirt in New Zealand. Guess what? Most teachers I know don’t actually expect anything but are very grateful when they receive something. Many I know would prefer something personal or homemade by the child than an extravagant gift. All the other parents do at our school, so I end up buying something small. In saying that, as a Scout Beaver leader, we volunteer our time for the classes and the planning, and I’ve only ever had some chocolate from my Group Scout Leader. Let people do what they want to do! I agree some parents go over the top & it spoils it for everyone else! A small gift of appreciation is a lovely thing for a young child to give to their teacher!