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GOT Milk Tormund Brienne shirt

One night at a party at the college he and Jillian will be attending in the fall, he meets Kate. She is beautiful, quirky, hysterically funny, and claims to be as awkward as he is. And suddenly, it’s like, Jillian who? He falls quickly and totally for Kate, and even though she tries to resist him a little bit, he can tell she feels the GOT Milk Tormund Brienne shirt way.”You’re moving along life, doing your thing, managing your priorities and commitments—And then suddenly you meet THE ONE. And you fall completely out of the orbit you’ve been spinning in. And now you’re doing laps around this new world. And you’re hoping gravity can sustain you. But there’s no way of knowing if it can until you realize it can’t. Guess it’s all an orbit of faith.”

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