The competition format is not calculated and teams often give young players more competitions to gradually catch up with the main season. NBA preseason results have no meaning in the main season.

Regular Season: The mode in this season is the first civil war between teams with a group of 5 teams. After that is between the teams in the same domain and finally fighting the teams in the other domain. The main season usually starts at the end of October and each team must play a total of 82 matches in a season. In particular, each team must play 4 matches with teams of the Division, 2-3 matches with teams with the League and 2 matches with other League teams. An NBA season usually lasts until the end of April and often has a fairly dense game density.

Experts often liken the NBA season as a marathon, where teams must always have the tactics and ability to coordinate their players in a way that can keep the team in place.

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