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They take care of your kids for a majority of the day for five days a week. If your kids go to public school, they take care of your kids for free. And most of the time they use their Lenny Lennie Lemmy Ineny ynnel shirt to buy supplies for your children for the classroom. When my kids were young it wasn’t a thing to do iI did with my son’s teachers as he was at a special school I generally either gave a box of chocolates, tin of biscuits or homemade tray bake for them to share. It’s not a tradition it’s just parents and children wanting to show their appreciation for the hard work that school staff. Why is everything questioned now, if people want to but teachers a present so be it, more worrying things going on in the world? Personally, I agree that showing a teacher appreciation is great – but it can be done in the form of a (hand-written) letter, or card. Giving a gift may embarrass children and parents who can’t afford to do the same. I stick a few quid behind the bar at the teachers’ local. First come first serve! They seem very appreciative and that is all that matters to me

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