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Gimme The Lute guys tee

My mom always had me make something for all the teachers. Chocolate covered spoons, little sweets. It was for the Notorious BIG Gimme The Lute shirt and not a singled out teacher and the cost was minimal. Just a kind gesture.So ridiculous. I used to get soap or a little homemade Christmas ornament. And I appreciated the sentiment. It was not about the gifts teachers don’t mind whether they get a gift or not but when they do the ones they appreciate most are the ones where the child has put thought into it, like a card they drew themselves. As a parent I get my children’s teachers gifts to show my appreciation, my middle child’s teachers get the best gifts because they have to work the hardest. There is no should about it. It is a nice thing for children to do if they wish to do so, it’s something down to the individual. A thank you at Christmas time