Create an investment bank for each region that forces them to compete in a controlled market, offering cheap mortgages and business loans, and infrastructure projects. Weller We no longer tie our currency to a fixed asset such as gold, nor did we then, we operate on a fiat currency system and debt is produced from nothing, digitally and interest is charged on that digitally created loan. That is why  of the money in circulation is currency and the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/11/14 is debt. There are promises, big promises and then there are Tory promises easily made and easily forgotten until the next election.  Anyway I don’t think we can manage without our wonderful immigrants. Richard Jackson we trained our own people and then it was cheaper to employ from abroad and now its difficult to train in the without hardship and youngsters face years of Austerity paying it all back. looked at the immigration figures for last year, nearly and they’ll be having children , surely those and the millions before is enough.