I don’t care who it is splashing thousands of dollars around on trying to be the biggest and the best, I still have the same opinion that it is wasting money which could be better spent helping others who are less fortunate. There will be the usual hue and cry over the extravagance of course, because the expense is so visual. Take a deep breath. It’s the White House  I think they look nice everybody has a different idea on how to decorate but am wondering why she is wearing her coat did they forget to pay the heating bill or is trump stiffing the utility company. Well, I think its pretty. I have a lot of Christmas color in my home. So it’s warm feeling and probably folksy but I love the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/12/03 and bright and trim and repilcas in the White House. It’s all so different and worlds away from me. By the way I think our First Lady is a little bit shy reserved but she has life in her eyes. She’s not souless. It looks very lavish and beautiful like Winter wonderland wih lots of pretty lights. A very stylish and sophisticated Christmas decor fit for the White House. Everything in moderation, I’m sure having one of these every day wouldn’t be too sensible.