Fiamma Dobson that’s right Quran also mentions it that God didn’t order Christians to be priests, but they invented it. Yes, most of the apostles were married but they left their families for the mission. Jesus said leave your family, properties and everything and follow me. This will lead to broken family if a priest gets married then leave their families for the Try Not To Cry At Work Club Tee Shirt. Fiamma Dobson yes it’s true. it’s the same as what Quran states. We are humans and have biological needs. What they invent is against nature. yeah, and what does your Quran say about imams and things like supreme leaders, hyprocratesMichael Bell you beat me to it! At least their kids are now safe, way better than having a kiddy fun fiddler there! I was referring to the general shortage of priests there. No priests = no child abuse.

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