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Wooden spoon survivor guys tee

This wasn’t a “thing” when my youngest was at primary school, as the Wooden spoon survivor shirt started to grow, it was one I never joined. Not because I don’t appreciate what teachers do, I take my hat off to them, I couldn’t do their job. But I have enough presents to buy without adding unnecessary ones to the list. A nicely worded card is sufficient, in my opinion. We just do £5 per person, x it by 30 and get gift vouchers. A card signed by all 30 kids. It’s not hard and they spend more time with our kids than us so you want to do it. As a former teacher, I still have cards, notes and drawings gifted to me by my pupils over the years. Gifts have come and gone but the words remain, they are worth infinitely more and are greatly valued. The greatest gift ever given to me was a very tatty bunch of carnations bought at the nearest garage, but the child and his parents had walked from their home across town to bring them to me after school at the end of the summer term. They didn’t have two beans to rub together but made that effort for me. I’ll never forget that moment. The greatest gift you have to give is your time. Please give generously.