He carefully studied all his dreams, his illusions, visions, drawings, paintings and sculptures. He discovered that from his dream experience there was often the form of a smart old man and a little girl. The smart old man was Jung, who had many times dreamed into a wise man, and she turned into a female soul, serving as a mediator to create a dialogue channel between the smart old man and the most profound aspects of your unconscious realm.

In his dreams there was a dwarf, dressed in leather, standing at the door of the path to the unconscious. He is dark, basically as an ego in his psychological theory. Jung dreamed that he and the dwarf had killed the blonde girl he called Siegfreid. Jung said that the blonde girl embodies the dangerous acts of cultivating heroism brought countless disasters to Europe – at the same time in the dreams he recognized the warning message. about the dangers if he tends to worship his teacher Sigmund Freud.


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