The attack on Huawei has exposed China’s threat power, making it clear that China’s power is not really as scary as the world has been concerned for so long. China’s technological strength depends on the United States as well as the West and in fact China is only marginally more in terms of its cumulative money and market size thanks to its enrichment process in recent decades. .

In the latest announcement, Facebook announced that it will not allow the preinstallation of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps on Huawei’s new phones. If this happens and once Google also stops providing its services, Huawei’s downfall is only a matter of time.

Instead of tough statements, at the International Economic Forum. Petersburg, Chinese President Xi Jinping suddenly lowered his voice to confirm that the link between the United States and China will remain strong, President Trump is a friend and believes Mr. Trump does not want bad things to happen to both sides.