Karon Lavelle-Sullivan sell their granny to be PM. Sounds like Boris. No idea what the commie slime ball means though. We don’t have communists in Britain. Stephen Hofmann you don’t need to be the reincarnation of Christ to be a decent person. Is that what you think it takes to be a decent person. No wonder the Top Back Link Shirts On Goldenteeshirt On 2019/09/04 Right targets the islamophobics and bigots. It is not difficult to be a decent human being. Start by not persecuting someone for their religion. It is obvious you can’t prove what you’ve said because there isn’t any proof. This is a golden opportunity to put me, a lefty liberal, in my place by providing just one video link to prove your point. This is a pathetic attempt to draw a veil pardon the pun over far more important issues than women not getting enough vitamin because of outdated cultural beliefs.

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