This is a way of doing that, and it’ll benefit everyone. Google already give away millions of devices each year to ensure they get in your house. They’ll be more than happy to invest in this scheme. As one of the world’s richest countries, we are a wealthy pot that they will be desperate to keep dipping into! But it doesn’t work in other countries Non of those big companies pay tax anywhere and when people try they just move it offshore. Look up what’s going on with apple in Ireland Middleton Yes, taking their spending power in shops that employ people whilst paying abroad with them. Oh and the jobs their companies provide as well of course. Craig, they can have unfetted access to our markets and pay zero tax if they really wanted. They choose not to for purposes, if a Labour government decides to squeeze them dry they will register their business interests off shore and continue to profit from the and pay no tax. These multi-national billion dollar industries didnt get there by paying huge amounts of tax to greedy socialist politicians.