I’m the only one of my friend group who knows how to drive a manual, so maybe my next car should be manual if nothing else other than as an anti-theft deterrent Bernard, because vast majority of American cars are now automatic. You have to special order a manual. Personally I like manual, but my truck wasn’t available in manual. Schwartz yes, because interpretations of old documents is always simple and straightforward there’s a reason for the expression lost in translation and this particular document is too important to tell me what it says  Christopher Combs yes because you read the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/12/09 version when you consult the constitution Bourdeau my son started writing cursive at old and he taught himself how to write it. All he did was copy and trace the cursive words and the next day he was writing his full name in cursive. Kids can be so knowledgeable and sometimes they just come up with something they are eager to learn.  there’s a painstakingly obvious difference between translating languages and transcribing print. Mel Stader thank you. Curran, that may be the case today, but it may not be so simple in a few generations.