Head burying and not appreciating what they have. Not all talks work nor bring about peace, you only have to look at Israel and Palestine to understand that but are you saying that no one should at least try Nor question what one is doing to the otherTell me how did Hitler get away with what he did Then compare what you are saying and ask yourself what part you are playing in the destruction of hope for the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/12/13 vulnerable in our society, what hope for peace in the future I will tell you by silencing those who question, silencing those who speak out, you will allow more terrorism, more death. What exactly are you doing, what are you achieving other than to silence opposition and scrutiny Telling me to take off my rose tinted glasses, you are attempting to silence me and what for because you believe the antisemitism, the terrorism and all of the other Hitler type propaganda.