If he had just pushed the kid it would have brought into question his grasp of the consequences but he clearly knew it was very wrong and still did it. He had a history of violence and yet was allowed out unsupervised. His ground level carer had reported his concerns with evidence and was ignored. Sorry but he needs either prison or sectioning long term for his own and other people’s safety and the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2020/02/06 management need charging with negligence Trask you are right both of those kids have been let down. Recognising that fact doesn’t mean you excuse his actions, just that he also has issues that were ignored. That poor little boy & his mother are living a nightmare. Tragic case all around. Poor little boy so tragic. Man with autism who clearly needed better support. So conflicted as I have a daughter with autism. He did wrong and should be punished but prison won’t help.