In the best of worlds you’d have the best possible protocols and everyone would execute their task to the perfection but we don’t live in that world. Once you identified that the threat is serious you probably want to plan quarantines and protocols to isolate as best as you can new cases to minimize spreading of the disease. At that time it is better that you don’t have panic and unrest due to a shocking new virus discovery. It also in my opinion kept the spread of the virus to a minimum as people infected with this virus but not having symptoms yet would not try fleeing the zone where the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2020/02/10 disease appear. Mainly in other places in China contaminating more travelers and potentially leaving to other countries.   Allen Chui they did try to silence the doctor who first reported it, but I think they just wanted to know what they were dealing with before the international public heard about it. Because, as we can see by this comment alone.