But when you open the door for some it will eventually lead to assisted suicide for almost anyone. It took Belgium just 8 years to go from assisting terminal cancer patients to allowing people with high functioning autism to kill themselves. One of this I hope not involved in this misttery is genetically modified organism, from what I heard bees are some that has been affected lately killing most of the hive if not all   I’m sad for the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Yodasso Shirt cos they are lovely but could we please have that happen in Devon and Cornwall for the seagulls Gulls are wonderful birds and important parts of our ecosystem. Treasure your wildlife – you’ll miss it when it’s gone. If only humans had never fed the seagulls in the first place or left their unwanted food lying on the ground the seagulls wouldn’t have learned that humans are an easy target for getting easy food. Seagulls don’t ‘steal’ food out of your hand. Unless you’re lazy and wander around with your eyes closed.