Let then do the Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt qualified for a while in most cases they will be paying income tax etc.Even if an outstanding foreign student gets to stay in UK after graduation, this foreign student will find himself getting stucked to the same position or have very little promotion despite being outstanding.
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Blair war criminal should face trial over killing thousands of people in Iraq war based on biggest lie of the Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt still free and proud because is supported by Israelis Lobbyists globalists terrorists. This man along with Bush will never see the inside of a prison cell as they are protected by the same people that want Brexit reversedI don’t see what’s changed. Under Blair they were advocates of raping the high value working class to buy votes from the lazy.

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The Labour Party is now a democratic force whose direction is moved by it’s membership and not a handful of elitists who lost sight of what the Aunt Saurus Rex Dinosaur shirt should be. The isportstees statement in a nonsense and follows their dictated agenda to undermine Corbyn. Taken back from what? Labour was always a socialist movement until this type of cretin tried to turn it into another version of the Tory party, and furthermore, Tony Blair’s opinion is not required, he is a war criminal and a political thug.