But now if a man is better then a woman he will get passed up by her and she will know she does not deserve it. Obviously the But first Hocus Pocus shirt should be on boards, but you can’t tell me no available women are qualified to be on a board. They have to pay more, pay more taxes and have wacky rules for companies.
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He’s words spoken last Thursday, his refusal to answer questions, his vow of revenge once on the But first Hocus Pocus shirt showed he’s not someone who should be on the SCOTUS. No he should pay for lying under oath and been a drunk speaking to the senators no respectHe lied under oath. He should pay for sexual assault that HE committed even though the statute of limitations is up on that.

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This is a last ditch effort to rally the But first Hocus Pocus shirt to vote for her. Oh and someone who truly understands being a Supreme Court Justice, Retired Justice John Paul Stevens. Who else thinks this: the ABA, 1500 law school instructors, the Jesuits who educated him.