Still going on I see? Where you guys stand now regarding this Cats naps and snacks shirt would like to update me? council should had been in it last saturday. This is as close to the line of fake news you can get without putting your toe over the said line. Incredibly bad reporting BBC, overladen with propaganda, as is becoming more and more often with the BBC.
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You go girls!I have the Cats naps and snacks shirt of having known a woman who worked on the telephone lines. I think she would have applauded Zoe!The way I first read it I thought she fixed it by adding a single letter to the sign. I accepted the challenge and pondered it for few minutes before giving up and reading the article.

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But that doesn’t stop those deliberately looking for an argument, as we see in abundance here.I guess there is hope for our future, with young ladies like this Cats naps and snacks shirt and the 12 year old who complained about the 4th July parade announcers sexist comments about Boy and Girl Scouts.