Nechamah Anne Goldfarb Probably the walking kilt is more manly, because men could work better in them. The great kilt was removed prior to battle and the men fought in their long shirts! “After the Jacobite campaign of 1715 the government opened the Highlands to outside exploitation, and Thomas Rawlinson went into partnership with Ian MacDonnell, chief of the MacDonnells of Glengarry to manufacture charcoal from the forests near Inverness and smelt iron ore there.

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The belted plaid worn by the Highlanders he employed was too “cumbrous and unwieldy” for this work, so, together with the tailor of the regiment stationed at Inverness, Rawlinson produced a kilt which consisted of the lower half of the belted plaid worn as a “distinct garment with pleats already sewn”. He wore it himself, as did his business partner, whose clansmen then followed suit.” I wore a sari when I lived in India, and I can confirm that a 8 meters of material, folded and draped, can be somewhat limiting!