I’m also a nurse and if someone accused me of such things and dragged my family through the same hell that this Don’t dream it be IT shirt is being dragged through I would be mad as hell. But no one is accusing us of being Serial rapist and attempting to ruin our career right in front of our family.
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Susan is correct, you can make a company raise wages but you can’t make them keep staff. I want to go to school but can’t afford to take time off otherwise my mom and I would end up on the Don’t dream it be IT shirt I myself make minimum wage but I take care of my mom cause she is ill.

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What kind of business would you start and what would you pay your employees. Ashley Callahan except not all jobs that pay minimum wage require minimum skills, not to mention that depending on geographical and other factors, sometimes there are no other jobs available. By living wages, I mean more than a bear sustanence level I mean wages of a decent living.