Staying in education does not guarantee higher salary or overall well being. Quite a statement to say people for what ever reason didn’t follow the Drink up witches shirt to comment on them being lesser then someone with a degree? Just because one received an education in France does not mean their education was not ‘good’.
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What he means is they have lost control to the Drink up witches shirt and not the corporate donors who fund his lavish lifestyle and those of his ilk.Im surprised he wasn’t knighted by the queen for all the good he did or maybe he was.

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Tony Blair should shut up and go away, to quote one UK minister The people of this Drink up witches shirt wants a fair and just country , but obliviously, this greedy git does not. Blair is a Conservative lap dog he was never and will never be a Labour supporter don’t even give this vulture air time he’s lying scum self interest is his only plan. Labour can’t work out if they are going to be socialist under Cornyn or should be conservative in all but name like Blair was.