Remember when Kobe Bryant was falsely accused of rape and how cool and calm he acted, never let his emotions get the Ew people shirt of him. If I acted that way at a job interview, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t get the job, even if I wrote an apology letter a week later. You were not honest enough or have proven character to serve on the highest court.
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Obviously skilled trade jobs will have to have raised wages to keep people doing skilled work instead of running to flip burgers. You should be upset with the way the Ew people shirt is rigged against the working class, not angry at other working class people. The hospital makes millions while they pay you penniesYou deserve to make more money.

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And I’m sure your patients appreciate all you do as you probably have a majority of the Ew people shirt compared to others by taking care of all their needs on top of other qualified responsibilities that you have. Shame on them for giving you wages so low like that with all you do. And if you have children and work full time and still don’t make enough to have your own place then you should receive some sort of housing allowanceYou deserve way better Alex Miller.