I feel like these are all part of Freddie Mercury We Will Rock You shirt of the Republican Party. The animal in the White House is not worthy even to be in this country, let alone somehow in a leadership role. Maybe that was why he limited his military action in Kuwait to just the liberation of Kuwait, not the invasion of Iraq.

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May he RIP and enjoy his everlasting home in Heaven with Barbara and Jesus. He was a man of honor and put Freddie Mercury We Will Rock You shirt of his country and people first. He might have been in controversy but he was a GREAT american who didn’t bow to other countries like we’re seeing now.
He missed Barbara so deeply I think he died of Freddie Mercury We Will Rock You shirt to the bush family. I didn’t vote for him but I respected him and admired his patriotism to America and our people. He was a fine decent human being who was committed to his wife, family and America.