Liberalism is a mental disorderChristina Whited I watched her entire testimony and I do not remember that at all. I believe that if he had taken this Jack Skellington AC/DC halloween shirt and apologized, many people would have respected that. That is a definite possibility that a man qualified to sit on the Supreme Court should realize and have the courage to admit.
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Because if you did you know the Jack Skellington AC/DC halloween shirt is covered by the companies workers compensation insurance. Terry Smith I didn’t go to college and I make a good deal more than a lot of people who did go to college. I have to pass a drug test for my job and Have no issue passing it.

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There are TEACHERS that Jack Skellington AC/DC halloween shirt swing by this terrible place we’re in (high living wage with low income). If the company can prove its not hiring at risk employees they get cheaper rates. Just like when you do your health assessment at work for cheaper insurance, same with this.