Jamie alternately wears a small belted plaid and the great belted plaid, the one that doesn’t come above the waist is the small plaid and it was tailored into the modern kilt. the one he wears most often is the great belted plaid, it is much more than a garment, it’s shelter, a blanket, a towel, everything one might want a lot of wool for. it’s worn the way it is to maximise the ease of carrying It, some of the the folds can be used as pockets, drawn up over the head it’s a rain coat, dropped down it keeps the calfs and ankles warm.

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It’s a shame this is only on the Blu-ray edition, as I purchased the DVR Volumes 1 & 2 and had no deleted scenes, only the blooper reel, podcasts and the “how to weave the tartan fabric special” and no special booklet, so buyer beware. Disappointed that there seems to be so many different versions of Volume 2 – Blue-ray, DVR, Target special, etc.