It was sexism, and many in the One nation under God American flag shirt doesn’t see it are those same privileged ones who are either outright racist or who have to keep fooling themselves that they’re not, and who don’t see race. Disgraceful outburst but in the days of Nastase, McEnroe etc we saw shocking displays of temper which did not Court this controversy nor usually such penalties so I think she has a pointShe is not the player she once was and other people have to bear the brunt of her frustration with herself.
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California have some of the One nation under God American flag shirt in the nation but the most Mass shooting. Guns don’t kill people Americans do Yikes I see changing the gun emoji is doing its job Lol that’s impossible california has very strict gun laws theres no way there could be a shooting there. Guns don’t kill people, people do, ban people Don’t know the motivation here but sounds like angry spouse with access to firearms an unfortunately very common occurrence.

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After that, he drove to another place to kill the One nation under God American flag shirt as they might lied to him about his wife. I think let’s say that he was very much angry because he knew about his wife and that she was cheating so he killed her lover in front of her, then killed her. Does it shows that your people are full of fenthanyl just like the dems and liberals.