I would sue them to the Preggosaurus Rex shirt and back Or a professional restaurant shouldn’t serve cleaning fluid. coffee and milk probably less harmful than McDonalds at all stages of life It’s amazing how many commenters are blaming the woman and basically acting like she deserved to be served cleaning fluid for breaking the socially imposed pregnancy rules and ordering a cup of coffee.
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Utter lowlife scum! Torture them then feed them to lions Omg right what about the Preggosaurus Rex shirt of the parent protecting the child what sock person does this? Disturbing beyond words! Both parents should be neutered How many cases do we need to add up to this in order to see lawmakers do something to give a sufficient punishment?

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Throw them to the Preggosaurus Rex shirt should get life in prison! I cannot comprehend how anyone could do this to a child. These children will find it hard to recover from their ordeal if they ever do and will have a life time of difficulty. I say these disgusting adults deserve nothing better than a 9mm to the back of the skull.