Everyone has the Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt to protest don’t think any employer makes it part of a contract. Ok why don’t you all go to work tomorrow and in your board meeting take a knee. Good on him, he reminds me of the great Peter Norman who was frozen out of the Australian Olympic team for supporting racial equality in America in the 1968.
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They pay more council tax, so why shouldn’t the Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt outside their houses get preferential treatment.I will give up my seat for pregnant women and elderly but all you people with you ‘invisible’ illness can get lost, we can all claim we have one of those so unless I see your note I’ll show you a Doctors note proving my disability if you can show me one that says you have a heart and brain. Thanks heaven ALL pregnancies are exactly the same and ALL pregnant women feel exactly the same things during pregnancy, right?My kids just used to feign stomach ache.

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See this Trumpkin make halloween great again shirt why aliens won’t visit usa lifetime tattoo in exchange for pizza? Must be the 666 trickeryAnd now they’re all stuck with a tattoo to remind them of the stupid sht they’ll do for free stuff. It may be different in the UK, but here in the US property owners are assessed for street resurfacing. In my last house I paid about $4k for it and my current house I paid about $7k a couple of years ago.